Antique and Contemporary Furniture Services

Custom Finishing : Most finishing is done with lacquer. However, some projects
require a different approach. A primitive piece might need rubbed oil or
shellac and wax. Or, oil paint for an old wicker rocker. Only professional
grade finishes and colorants are used.  See also Finish Matching.
Example A  19th century  slant front desk finished in lacquer needed something more.
Steel wool and wax increased it’s depth and gave  a wonderful antique sheen.

Custom Stripping : For twenty years  I have used a professional flow over, water
wash system. This system gets wood very clean and is not harsh
on the wood or glue joints like older stripping methods.

Finish Matching :  A customer might find a chair that matches the design of their
own set but not the color tone; an unfinished desk in a light wood
needs to be matched to dark mahogany;  matching replicated parts
to the furniture on which they are used. It can be very challenging
work but with patience and experience excellent results are possible.
Example :  A customer had been searching  for a tall display cabinet and finally found one
It did not match the wood tone of her furnishings.  The retailer delivered the new piece to
me and it was refinished to match a drawer which the customer provided as a sample.

 Finishing For Woodworkers : Finishing services for professional cabinet and
furniture makers.   Straight ahead finishing or matching the finish on new
work to provided samples.
Example :  Taking twenty new cabinet doors and  drawer fronts for a kitchen refacing  job
and matching them to existing cabinets.

Repairs - Restorations :
  A restoration takes place when a piece is damaged or
dysfunctional and requires repairs, reproduction of parts, refinishing,
etc.  This requires knowledge and skill at woodworking in addition to
finishing  abilities.
Example :  A customer brought a  cherry Empire secretary to me.  It had been in an unoccu-
pied house for over a year that became infested with termites.  The harder cherry wood
was tunneled through only to reach the softer  pine in the shelves, base, drawers and
back .  The old piece was totally disassembled, all damaged wood replaced, and then old
and new woods brought together in the finishing process.

Repairs - Replications :  Sometimes elements of furniture get broken, burned,
chewed, or lost.  With skill and care these missing parts can usually be
remade and replaced.
Example :  A customer’s mahogany chest of drawers was being propped up by a wood
block because the short turned leg  ( see repairs - turning ) in front had snapped off and
was lost.  A new leg was turned in mahogany, affixed back to the chest, and  then finish
matched to the existing finish.  The replacement looked original to the piece.

Repairs - Turning :  A  “Lathe” is the machine used to turn wood.Turning is the
technique of mounting a piece of wood between two spindles and
spinning  ( turning ) it while cutting designs/shapes into the wood.
Many chair parts and table legs are turned for example.  These can be
carefully reproduced if missing.
Example :   Chair rungs get a great deal of wear and  frequently break.  They  can be
turned to match the originals,  glued back in place and then finished to match.

Repairs - Veneer :  To the surprise of many , the majority of furniture has some
veneer on it.  Since veneer is very thin, it can fall prey to damage through
the years, especially around the edges of tops.  Gluing in veneer patches
is not the best way to repair veneer. It is often better to carefully patch in
the missing veneer with a durable filler and finish match it to surrounding
wood.    This can make for a virtually undetectable repair.
Example :  A 1930’s walnut veneer dining table top had a hand size damaged area in  from
the edge.  After carefully cutting damaged/unattached veneer back to sound veneer, an
epoxy patch was placed and leveled.  This was then base coated , glazed, grained, tinted
and then finished in with the  overall topcoats.

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