Frequently Asked Questions

What does one look for in a company that refinishes and repairs furniture?

Dedicated finishing and stripping areas. Basic woodworking machinery.
An open invitation to visit the shop to see photos and actual finished

Doesn’t coloring the wood just  involve rubbing stain on the wood?

Directly staining the wood is not frequently done by furniture manufac-
turers. Surprisingly few of the hundreds of pieces which I’ve stripped
were stained.  Staining offers little control and coloring is primarily done
with glazes, tints and toners.

Does your stripping method loosen glue joints?

No.  Modern stripping methods are very gentle on furniture unlike the
older caustic soda ( lye ) methods.

Do you use power sanders?

Finish sanding is usually done by hand.    Machines can easily sand
through veneers and also remove the “patina” on older pieces.

What type of finish do you use?     Polyurethane?

Lacquer.   It has been used on almost all interior furniture since 1920.  It’s
versatility stands alone. Polyurethane is infrequently used.

Why does refinishing a table top seem to take so much work ?

Refinishing  table tops requires a special harder wearing lacquer.    Due
to size and the steps it takes to get a rich depth and proper sheen, more
time is required.

What type of payment do you accept?

Cash or check.

Do you pick-up and deliver?

Yes.  Charge based on distance.
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